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McKenna: Racine Horlick High School Senior

vJoy Photography – Racine Horlick High School Senior Photographer

Photography by Vanessa Berghuis

Here is another throwback to a senior who will be outta here in May.  McKenna’s home is on a beautiful property and I was lucky enough to be able to shoot on it.  Endless possibilities with this beauty and that sunset…I mean come on!  I kinda want to go back every year!  Check out some of my favorites from McKenna’s senior session.

McKenna-Senior-Photographer-Racine-WisconsinPIN IT 2015.08.11-McKenna-L-High-School-Senior-Portrait-Photographer-Racine-WI-7605.2PIN IT 2015.08.11-McKenna-L-High-School-Senior-Portrait-Photographer-Racine-WI-7555.2PIN IT 2015.08.11-McKenna-L-High-School-Senior-Portrait-Photographer-Racine-WI-7544.2PIN IT 2015.08.11-McKenna-L-High-School-Senior-Portrait-Photographer-Racine-WI-7518.2PIN IT App - 2015.08.11-McKenna-L-High-School-Senior-Portrait-Photographer-Racine-WI-7504.2PIN IT 2015.08.11-McKenna-L-High-School-Senior-Portrait-Photographer-Racine-WI-7448.2PIN IT 2015.08.11-McKenna-L-High-School-Senior-Portrait-Photographer-Racine-WI-7410.2PIN IT

App - 2015.08.11-McKenna-L-High-School-Senior-Portrait-Photographer-Racine-WI-7389.2PIN IT 2015.08.11-McKenna-L-High-School-Senior-Portrait-Photographer-Racine-WI-7383.2PIN IT 2015.08.11-McKenna-L-High-School-Senior-Portrait-Photographer-Racine-WI-7353.2PIN IT 2015.08.11-McKenna-L-High-School-Senior-Portrait-Photographer-Racine-WI-7251.2PIN IT 2015.08.11-McKenna-L-High-School-Senior-Portrait-Photographer-Racine-WI-7230.2PIN IT 2015.08.11-McKenna-L-High-School-Senior-Portrait-Photographer-Racine-WI-6941.2PIN IT 2015.08.11-McKenna-L-High-School-Senior-Portrait-Photographer-Racine-WI-6877.2PIN IT



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