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Margaret F. – Racine Wisconsin Senior Photographer : Racine Horlick

vJoy Photography – Racine Wisconsin High School Senior Photographer

Photography by Vanessa Berghuis

Margaret, I love that name so much.  It was the name of my grandmother and I am still holding onto hope that I will have a little girl one day and name her after my grandma.  It was kind of fun for me to meet a teen with that name and I kept thinking about a little baby girl every time I said it LOL.  We will see if I can convince the hubby to try for number three. Anyway, time to talk about Miss Ford. When Margaret contacted me to do her senior portraits I was pumped. I love working with seniors who have a long list of friends who have used me in the past. This means they already know of and like my work, but best of all it means that their friends had great experiences and recommended me! Margaret is so involved in high school we literally had like a 40 minute window to get these photos in, but I say we did a pretty dang good job!  What do you think? Check out some of my favorite images taken of Margaret at Johnson Park in early September!

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2015.09.15-Ford-High-School-Portrait-Photographer-Oak-Creek-WI-2459 copyPIN IT 2015.09.15-Ford-High-School-Portrait-Photographer-Oak-Creek-WI-2462 copyPIN IT 2015.09.15-Ford-High-School-Portrait-Photographer-Oak-Creek-WI-2500 copyPIN IT 2015.09.15-Ford-High-School-Portrait-Photographer-Oak-Creek-WI-2528 copyPIN IT 2015.09.15-Ford-High-School-Portrait-Photographer-Oak-Creek-WI-2538 copyPIN IT 2015.09.15-Ford-High-School-Portrait-Photographer-Oak-Creek-WI-2540 copyPIN IT 2015.09.15-Ford-High-School-Portrait-Photographer-Oak-Creek-WI-2586 copyPIN IT 2015.09.15-Ford-High-School-Portrait-Photographer-Oak-Creek-WI-2616 copyPIN IT 2015.09.15-Ford-High-School-Portrait-Photographer-Oak-Creek-WI-2650PIN IT 2015.09.15-Ford-High-School-Portrait-Photographer-Oak-Creek-WI-2756 copyPIN IT 2015.09.15-Ford-High-School-Portrait-Photographer-Oak-Creek-WI-2798 copyPIN IT 2015.09.15-Ford-High-School-Portrait-Photographer-Oak-Creek-WI-2824 copyPIN IT


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