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Maquel M. – Fall High School Senior Photo Session – Racine, Wisconsin Portraits

Joy Photography – Burlington High School Senior Photographer

Photography by Vanessa Berghuis

High_School_Senior_Photographer_Burlington_Wisconsin_04PIN IT

I love Love LOVE fall sessions and since those are pretty much the only ones I have left (minus two in July) I thought it would be appropriate for this week’s throwback to feature a lovely fall session from last September.  I’d like to make a disclaimer, I can’t guarantee colors by September 1st, I think (hope) summer will go longer this year, but you never know!  You may end up with a fabulous mild beach shoot in a romper or a awesome, mild, comfortable session with lots of options for outfits like Maquel did. Either way September is going fast, so don’t wait to contact me!  Here are some sweet shots we got from Maquel’s session!

2015.09.01-Mquel-Senior-Portrait-Photograpyr-Wisconsin-7795PIN IT 2015.09.01-Mquel-Senior-Portrait-Photograpyr-Wisconsin-7806PIN IT 2015.09.01-Mquel-Senior-Portrait-Photograpyr-Wisconsin-7850PIN IT 2015.09.01-Mquel-Senior-Portrait-Photograpyr-Wisconsin-7879PIN IT 2015.09.01-Mquel-Senior-Portrait-Photograpyr-Wisconsin-7895PIN IT 2015.09.01-Mquel-Senior-Portrait-Photograpyr-Wisconsin-7931PIN IT 2015.09.01-Mquel-Senior-Portrait-Photograpyr-Wisconsin-7954PIN IT 2015.09.01-Mquel-Senior-Portrait-Photograpyr-Wisconsin-7968PIN IT 2015.09.01-Mquel-Senior-Portrait-Photograpyr-Wisconsin-7995PIN IT 2015.09.01-Mquel-Senior-Portrait-Photograpyr-Wisconsin-8019PIN IT 2015.09.01-Mquel-Senior-Portrait-Photograpyr-Wisconsin-8025PIN IT 2015.09.01-Senior-Portrait-Photograpyr-Wisconsin-7844.2PIN IT 2015.09.01-Senior-Portrait-Photograpyr-Wisconsin-7891.2PIN IT

Looking for awesome senior portraits?  Contact us now, dates will book up fast!  August is already sold out and July and September are going fast!

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