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Lauren T. – Union Grove High School Senior Photographer

vJoy Photography – Union Grove Wisconsin High School Senior Photographer

Photography by Vanessa Berghuis

There are a bunch of reasons why I loved my session with Lauren T., a High School Senior from Union Grove, Wisconsin.  One was that she came to me really wanting amazing portraits. I could tell she was really invested which always gives a certain spark to a senior session! One of the other reasons, probably the most, is that she invested in some awesome products.  I love when people take my work and really show it off.  Her mini 5×5 book was SO CUTE!  Just the right size to commemorate her senior year and the photos aren’t lost on a computer somewhere never to be printed.  They are right there at her finger tips in glorious, thick, layflat page glory :-).  If you want to see her book check out my Instagram and look for #vjoyproducts . In the mean time check out some of my favorite images taken at Petrifying Springs in Kenosha! 2015.09.22-Lauren-Senior-Photographer-Southeastern-Wisconsin-5312PIN IT 2015.09.22-Lauren-Senior-Photographer-Southeastern-Wisconsin-5329PIN IT 2015.09.22-Lauren-Senior-Photographer-Southeastern-Wisconsin-5357PIN IT 2015.09.22-Lauren-Senior-Photographer-Southeastern-Wisconsin-5368PIN IT 2015.09.22-Lauren-Senior-Photographer-Southeastern-Wisconsin-5406PIN IT 2015.09.22-Lauren-Senior-Photographer-Southeastern-Wisconsin-5407PIN IT 2015.09.22-Lauren-Senior-Photographer-Southeastern-Wisconsin-5442PIN IT 2015.09.22-Lauren-Senior-Photographer-Southeastern-Wisconsin-5448PIN IT 2015.09.22-Lauren-Senior-Photographer-Southeastern-Wisconsin-5464PIN IT 2015.09.22-Lauren-Senior-Photographer-Southeastern-Wisconsin-5517PIN IT 2015.09.22-Lauren-Senior-Photographer-Southeastern-Wisconsin-5518.2PIN IT 2015.09.22-Lauren-Senior-Photographer-Southeastern-Wisconsin-5541PIN IT 2015.09.22-Lauren-Senior-Photographer-Southeastern-Wisconsin-5565.2PIN IT 2015.09.22-Lauren-Senior-Photographer-Southeastern-Wisconsin-5570PIN IT 2015.09.22-Lauren-Senior-Photographer-Southeastern-Wisconsin-5575PIN IT 2015.09.22-Lauren-Senior-Photographer-Southeastern-Wisconsin-5605PIN IT 2015.09.22-Lauren-Senior-Photographer-Southeastern-Wisconsin-5645PIN IT 2015.09.22-Lauren-Senior-Photographer-Southeastern-Wisconsin-5709PIN IT

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