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Kayla S. Senior Portrait Photography – Racine, WI

vJoy Photography – Racine High School Senior Portrait Photographer

Photography by Vanessa Berghuis


Introducing one of my two Senior Reps from Park High School.  Kayla loves theater and singing so we made sure to take some photos that would portray that.  The school let us into the theater and we got some really cool shots, I was pumped! Check out her other favorites on her personal app.  Here are some of my favorites.  Enjoy!

Kayla-Senior-Photographer-Racine-WI-9394PIN IT Kayla-Senior-Photographer-Racine-WI-9385PIN IT Kayla-Senior-Photographer-Racine-WI-9351PIN IT

Kayla-Senior-Photographer-Racine-WI-9309PIN IT

Kayla-Senior-Photographer-Racine-WI-9548PIN IT Kayla-Senior-Photographer-Racine-WI-9974PIN IT Kayla-Senior-Photographer-Racine-WI-9973PIN IT

Kayla-Senior-Photographer-Racine-WI-0089PIN IT Kayla-Senior-Photographer-Racine-WI-9941PIN IT Kayla-Senior-Photographer-Racine-WI-9903PIN IT Kayla-Senior-Photographer-Racine-WI-9887PIN IT Kayla-Senior-Photographer-Racine-WI-9765PIN IT Kayla-Senior-Photographer-Racine-WI-9668PIN IT Kayla-Senior-Photographer-Racine-WI-0125PIN IT

Here is the FULL APP that she gets with all her favorites on it!  Check it out.  Want one too?  No problem, every vJoy Senior get’s one!

Are you interested in getting awesome photos like this?  Contact us now, dates for prime time slots are filling up fast!


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